Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shrimp and Take Out Box Single Listings

 I've decided to offer the shrimp and take out box in their own single listings. This way you can add them to your own collection of custom items!

See the listings here in my shop.

Felt Vegetable Play Set - Yellow Squash - Radish - Eggplant

 This is my first installment of my new Farmer's Market line. Can't you just imagine a basket full of vegetables goodies to play with? 

Yellow Squash

These are sold as a set, but always remember that I do custom listings as well!
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New Sandwich Set with Nacho Cheese Chips

 I've tweaked a few things in my felt sandwich play set. I think you'll like the change!
The lettuce, bread, tomato, chip bag and swiss cheese have been altered; and the potato chips have been swapped out for nacho cheese tortilla chips.

Find this felt play food set in my shop!

Pizza Pie with Wheel Cutter

This interactive pizza set can be made in a thin or thick crust. Pictured here is the thin crust.

Approx. 9" pizza pie with your choice of 3 toppings. 
Choose from:
Green Peppers

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